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Wingmasters Co. is an Adventure Sports company providing Tandem ParaTrike Flights (Air Safari), Paramotor Training Courses, Flying Expeditions and Equipment. The school follows the APPI PPG training system. We are constantly striving to develop the sports we love and enable more people to see the world differently!

Abhay and Vedika Rathore's curiosity and passion for adventure aero sports drove them headlong into powered paragliding. Abhay went on to become India's first licensed APPI PPG Pilot, and seeing this amazing opportunity to share a safe and internationally certified platform for people to explore and experience the sport of Paramotoring, they established Wingmasters Co. among their community of enthusiasts. Following international standards Wingmasters co. offers the finest training facilities for their trainees as well as very exciting joy rides.

Internationally licensed

All are pilots are nationally and internationally licensed.

Insurance cover for flyers

All flyers are insured.

Imported equipment

All the equipment are imported from UK and Italy.

Best in the business

We have safely done more than 10,000 tandem flights.

What we do

Who we are we do

Wingmasters co. is an Adventure Sports company based in Jaipur , Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad providing Tandem ParaTrike Flights, Paramotor Training Courses, Flying Expeditions and Equipment. Wingmasters Co. is the only paramotoring outfit with licensed pilots and insurance in India. The company has partnered with several state governments to promote aero sport activities and tourism. Wingmasters Co. aims to provide a unique flying experience to all adventure enthusiasts.

and provide a platform to train world class powered paramotoring and para trike pilots and make a significant contribution to aero sports as well as the skill development sector.

The school follows the APPI PPG training system . For further information or to make a booking please Contact Us.

Amazing staff

Meet Our Team team

Abhay Singh Rathore

Chief Operating Officer

Abhay Singh Rathore- Tandem Pilot and Chief Operating Officer, Wingmasters co.
Abhay is India's first APPI PPG licensed pilot. He is a motor head and an avid outdoor adventure activity enthusiast. His main objective to establish Wingmasters co. was to set a standard and give people the right platform to learn paramotoring in a safe and professional environment. His never-say-die attitude is the very essence of Wingmasters co.

Col VS Rathore, SM,VSM (Retd.)

Chief Executive Officer

Col VS Rathore, SM,VSM- Chief Executive Officer, Wingmasters co.
He is one of the most valuable assets of Wingmasters Co. A veteran with over 25 years of military experience and around 15 years of corporate experience, is currently the CEO of Wingmasters Co. An avid flyer himself Col VS Rathore, brings with him high moral standards of the military, and the impeccable work ethic of the corporate world. These are the qualities Wingmasters Co. operates by. The Col. with his never give up attitude, will motivate you to perform your best and train you to be a paramotor pilot who is second to none!

Vedika Singh

Marketing Manager and Secretary

Vedika Singh- Marketing Manager and Secretary, Wingmasters co.
A museologist by profession, Vedika craves adventure and cherishes her time outdoors. She is our Marketing Manager and Logistics Head. She previously handled operations, logistics and marketing for SkySchool India.

Uday Singh Rathore


Uday Singh Rathore- Legal, Wingmasters co.
Uday Singh Rathore is essential to our legal team and is an inalienable part of our company. A soon to be graduate from Symbiosis Law School Pune, Uday is a headstrong and dedicated individual, committed to attaining excellence in every sphere of his life. His level headed attitude and prodigious intellect are qualities that make him an asset to our Company. Holding a keen interest in paramotoring himself, he endeavours to integrate his expertise in the legal arena to holistically benefit Wingmasters Co.

Buff the Rottie and Tazz the Bully


Introducing Buff and Tazz, the security division of team Wingmasters co.
Fighting and changing stereotypes every day, if cuties with brains was a saying, it would be apt to describe our security team. Keeping a watchful eye over the assets, the security team is quick to respond to any threat to your security, or your mood! Ready to defend, and forever ready for a game of fetch!