Booking your trip

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Terms and Conditions

  • 01. Pre- booking your flight is mandatory
  • 02. Only 1 person per flight is allowed
  • 03. Rates are indicative and subject to change
  • 04. Booking amount will be non-refundable in case of cancellation from your end
  • 05. Full refund is offered for all cancellations that happen due to unsuitable weather conditions, operational and regulatory issues with the option to reschedule the booking for an alternative date of flight
  • 06. Prior weather checking from Wingmasters co. is mandatory for all the flights
  • 07. All adventure activities come with an inherent risk. Wingmasters co. will not be liable or responsible for any damage or loss, injury, accident, death, breakdown, irregularity, delay/ change in schedule, cancellation without cause, inaccurate information, deficiency of service/ product, or cancellation due to conditions not under our control
  • 08. Any expense that may be incurred over and above the mentioned inclusions will need to be borne by the guests
  • 09. Guests are responsible for their own belongings such as mobile phones, wallets etc.
  • 10. Passengers under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances will not be allowed to fly
  • 11. Flights will not be conducted for expecting mothers and the specially-abled people due to safety reasons
  • 12. All customers are required to carry a valid photo ID card
  • 13. Right of admission reserved
  • 14. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets
  • 15. Customers are advised to dress in comfortable clothes and shoes